9 sweet Valentine’s Day movies for kids

If you’re in the midst of planning Valentine’s Day for the whole family (matching heart pajamas? check!), may we suggest the perfect sugar-free and cozy activity: a valentine-themed movie marathon. While many Valentine’s Day movies for kids don’t actually take place on February 14th, they include a lot of the things we love most about the romantic holiday like meaningful love-filled gifts, love in the form of friendships, relationships, and self-love, and desserts for as far as the eye can see, of course!

From modern remakes of Disney classics like Lady and the Tramp to movies we grew up laughing along to like The Little Rascals, there’s sure to be a Valentine’s Day movie on this list that your child will love. Grab a box of sweethearts or a cup of hot cocoa, and bookmark this kid-friendly roundup of Valentine’s Day movies, all of which can be streamed online and are organized by age.

Valentine’s Day Movies For Toddler/Elementary School Age and Up

By My Valentine, Charlie Brown

The Peanuts gang celebrates February 14th with a valentine card exchange at school, and Charlie Brown is hoping for a card from a special somebody this year. Meanwhile, Linsus’s gift for their teacher is mistaken as somebody else’s.

Lady and the Tramp (2019)

In this modern remake of the 1955 animated classic, Lady, a spoiled suburban American Cocker Spaniel, fosters an unexpected relationship with an independent, fast-talking stray named Tramp. The more time they spend together the more these two pups realize that the true meaning and value of “home” isn’t so much a physical place as it’s the people you surround yourself with.

The Peanuts Movie 

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about crushes, it’s about letting your friends and family know how much you love them, too! Enter: The Peanuts Movie. Your children will love cheering alongside Charlie Brown as he supports his best friend Snoopy on his flying expedition.

The Princess and the Frog

Tiana has her eyes set on opening her own restaurant in the heart of New Orleans, but she hits a major bump in the road when a frog, who goes by the name of Prince Naveen, kisses her hoping to break his amphibian curse. Now, Tiana is a frog, too! Together, the two hop and ribbit their way through the Louisiana bayous to hunt down someone who can reverse the curse.

Gnomeo & Juliet

Emily Blunt voices opposite James McAvoy in this comedic and animated tale based on the Shakespearian classic. Two garden gnomes fall head over heels for one another, but due to a dispute between their respective owners (who happen to be neighbors) and a big picket fence, they have to figure out a way to privately date one another while also keeping things hush-hush.


Set in New York City, a confused and soon-to-be princess (Amy Adams) finds herself in unknown territory after being pushed down a well by an evil queen. Fortunately, a handsome lawyer (and his young daughter) is there to help her pick up the pieces and find her way back home. This part animated, part live-action film has songs and funny one-liners the whole family will love!

Valentine’s Day Movies For Older Kids

A Week Away: A Musical

Consider this uplifting musical your child’s version of Camp Rock. A teen boy, who has had a bit of trouble following the law, reluctantly follows his friend to church camp, where he unexpectedly begins to fall for the counselor’s daughter. 

Ella Enchanted 

Starring Anne Hathaway, this whimsical film puts a musical spin on the classic Cinderella we all grew up watching. However, in this fairytale, Ella is cursed under an obedience spell at birth and has lived much of her young life completing her wicked stepsisters’ never-ending to-do list because she can’t say no. Determined, she sets out to break the spell and find her voice—and she might just fall in love with a handsome prince, too.

The Little Rascals

If your kid loves comedy, The Little Rascals is sure to be a hit. The ‘90s flick follows lovesick Alfalfa as he tries to win over his crush Darla. Simultaneously, his group of buddies pull off numerous funny pranks (putting a whoopie cushion on his seat and cat litter in the sandwiches at their candle-lit lunch) during their dates to throw him off.

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