Last Minute Easter Treats with Peeps!! ?Compilation

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One of my favorite memories of Easter is Peeps! Everyone loves them. The colors, the flavors, and so much more. Here are several Peeps inspired DIY’s that you can make for your last minute Easter Basket or party.
We have a DIY Peeps wreath. Just use any easter style wreath. I got this one for around 10-dollars with eggs on it. I used a glue gun to attach a paper plate on the back. With peeps wrapped in little sandwich baggies, I tied them off with small Rainbow Loom bands, I glued the peeps onto the paper plate and finally attached a large Peep Pop and a Peep keychain.
The second idea is Peeps pops. Take your peep, put it on a cute straw. Then melt Vanilla candy coating. The best ones come in the tray in the baking section at the grocery store. Melt the vanilla candy coating and dip in the peeps. Twirl the straw to get off additional coating. Let the rest dry in a small glass so it is propped up. Once dried, you can dip it again in the candy coat for a second layer, but if you like the colors showing through, you can just use that. Now, take small colored chocolate balls. These are common to find at the grocery store baking section too. Dip 1/3 of the ball in melted candy coat and put on as a bunny tail. Wrap these in cute baggies with a bow and you have adorable Easter basket gifts.
Watch the rest of the video for many more ideas, including a Peeps cake!
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