The 5 best kids’ travel pillows to keep them cozy on-the-go

There’s no doubt about it. Traveling with kids is easiest when they’re comfortable. And traveling while they sleep soundly without asking for a snack/drink/their sibling to stop looking at them every five seconds? Downright blissful. Whether you’re taking a twenty minute drive to grandma’s or a cross-country flight, a cozy kids’ travel pillow can be just the tool you need to keep everyone napping happily.

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But before we get into the nitty gritty, it’s important to note that most infant and toddler car seats have built-in head rests and support that make using a travel pillow unsafe. Adding bulk can put their head into a less than optimal position and travel pillows on car rides should not be used until they’re in a booster.

When it comes to the best kids’ neck pillows, there’s a couple things to consider. First, the shape. A traditional u-shaped pillow isn’t super helpful for little ones who already bob forward. They’re often bulky at the back and seem to make matters worse. Instead, opt for a style that’s thinner at the back. Another detail that’s important when kids are involved? Washability. Whether they’re a car puker or a sleep drooler, the ability to clean it is key.

If you’re about to set out on your first plane ride with kids in tow or gearing up for an epic summer road trip, we’ve rounded up the best kids’ travel pillows to make it all a bit more peaceful. Hopefully.

BCozzy Kids Travel Pillow



With 360 degree support and an overlapping design, this top-rated pillow is perfect for little ones who always seem to flop forward when they konk out. The flat back keeps their head from pushing forward while the stacked arms provide a cozy place to rest their chin. It’s soft and cozy with a curved surface that conforms to their neck and can be customized to the perfect fit with a touch of velcro. (There’s two sizes and a bunch of fun colors to choose from as well.) Got a carsick (or drooly) kiddo on your hands? No problem. It’s totally machine washable!

Infanzia Kids Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow



With bulk at the sides and only a thin piece at the back, the Infanzia Travel Pillow is another style that’s great for head-bobbing kiddos. The clever design won’t push their head forward and provides plenty of support under their chin. And whether they’re stealing a stroller nap in the shade or catching some zz’s on a chilly flight, the cotton exterior keeps them cool and comfy no matter the temps. It’s held together with a snap which makes it a touch less customizable than the BCOZZY, but should comfortably fit kids up to the age of 10, depending on their size.

Coolbebe Kids Neck Trvel Pillow



Another smart design, the whimsical animal pillows from Coolbebe are thin at the back and wide at the front to comfortably support their head. The exterior fabric is made from a cotton honeycomb which is nice and breathable and easy to wash. In fact, one reviewer notes: “This has been washed 10 times so far and still looks exactly the same as the day it arrived.” A major plus when you’ve got a drooler on your hands!

Nido Nest Pillow



Super cute and super comfy, these u-shaped animal pillows are great for little ones. While the size is uniform in front and back, the micro-bead fill conforms to their head and neck without awkwardly pushing it forward. It stays put with a single snap (a feature which is also great for attaching it to your luggage when on the move!) and the cover is easy to slip off for washing.

Trtl Pillow Junior



For kids ages 8+, the legendary Trtl pillow is a slam dunk. Like the super popular adult version, the Trtl Junior features an internal support hidden inside a cozy fleece scarf. The flexible and ergonomic design not only provides better support than traditional neck pillows, it’s also much easier to transport and tuck into their backpack when they’re done.

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