Woke up wanting to push the restart button? You’re not alone, mama

Some days, raising a child can be hard. And you feel like a failure admitting that to yourself, or even out loud. But the truth is mama, so many mothers feel this way. You are not alone. Because it’s just that hard.

This mama’s message is for those feeling like they need a reset. Because sometimes, you just do.

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“You know those mornings where you just want to press the restart button?

Yesterday was one of those mornings.
Tears from the both of us.
And then the always loyal mom-guilt.

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I was distracted with things on my mind from the moment I got up. Maybe Eli felt that. Or maybe he was teething. Or maybe he just simply woke up on the wrong side of the crib. After all, he is human. As am I. Either way, neither of us were our best selves.

Nothing super insightful to say, and no life lesson to give. Not looking for sympathy or “you’re doing great!” Just saying that we have these days too. It’s not always easy and you’re not going to enjoy every moment. Doesn’t make you any less of a mother. It just makes you human 💓”

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