‘A nightmare’ Olivia Munn is every mom struggling with a teething baby

There are many moments throughout your child’s baby years that maybe you wish you could fast forward through. It might be the blowout diapers, the sleepless nights, or, maybe it’s the seemingly never-endless teething phase.

Actress Olivia Munn recently posted an Instagram video capturing a look that I’m sure other parents can relate to.

With a kind of zoned-out look in her eyes (sound familiar, anyone?), her video is a few seconds of zooming in on her own face, with the text “I’m in a teething tunnel nightmare👶🏻🦷😵‍💫” and it’s very aptly set to the song, “Help” by The Beatles.

She continues with a caption that is super relatable for busy parents everywhere regardless of what stage your child is in.

“This will also serve as a group text to anyone I haven’t texted back. Will get back to you in however long it takes for this tooth to come out 😵‍💫🙏🏼”

We’ve all had days, or possibly even weeks (guilty!), where replying to a text message or returning a phone call is the very last thing on our priority list. Or the overall sheer exhaustion of all that parenting entails just takes over every other aspect of your life, so, of course, and for good reason, texting someone back is quite literally too much in that moment.

And, if you’re like Munn, then the moment lasts for however long it takes for your child to get through that phase. Which, by the way, is absolutely OK! Every now and then it might be a good idea to send a “proof of life” reply to your loved ones, but hey, posting a “group text” by lieu of an Instagram video isn’t so bad either.

Munn, 42, shares her 8-month-old son, Malcolm, with comedian John Mulaney, 39. They welcomed their first child together in November 2021. Since then Munn has often taken to social media to share some relatable mom moments, including loving her postpartum body and documenting the realities of breastfeeding struggles.

Celebrity friends were quick to respond to Munn’s post. Charmed star, Alyssa Milano commented, “Hyland’s teething tablets. Freeze a wash cloth dipped in chamomile tea and let him chew on that. The banana teether brush thingy.”

Olivia Munn continued the conversation on her stories where she thanked Milano for her advice and added that she has ordered many products just from the comments Milano has left on her posts. We love to see the support!

Then, she included sweet photos of John Mulaney cuddling with their son. And a caption that read, “Daddy is home to take over teething nights,” Munn wrote. “Oh my heart.”

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