How to work through childhood trauma using praise | Effective Praise and emotional healing

Dealing with trauma? There is help! Children who suffer trauma can feel like they are at fault for the traumatic event. This is 100%, not true. Children are not at fault for traumatic events, especially in the case of abuse. Parents need to reinforce this idea for emotional healing.

A child who is traumatized can put up walls, have trouble trusting others, and could be hypersensitive to criticism. Effective Praise shows parents how to addresses those barriers and strengthen your relationships by building trust.

Effective Praise is how to build confidence in kids. Use praising words to focus on the good they are doing–no matter how small. When you concentrate on descriptive praise, it reinforces that idea that they can trust you. That you are there to help them, which allows them to deal with the trauma in a positive and healthy way.

It can be hard to find things to praise your child when you don’t feel like they deserve praise. Watch the Effective Praise video as many times as needed until you feel comfortable with the steps. Start by practicing noticing the small things. Some parents have found using charts, bracelets, or some other reminder to help them get in the habit of praising.

How to work through childhood trauma. When praising your child, focus on when your child can react positively to uncomfortable feelings or situations. This will show them the power they have over the feelings and that trauma doesn’t have to rule their life.

Using the behavior skill of Effective Praise can help your child begin to heal from trauma and traumatic events.

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