Baby milestone cards that create the sweetest monthly photos

Of course your baby turning one is a monumental occasion, but every parent knows that first year is marked with a dozens of tiny celebrations. After all, each month brings new and exciting milestones and changes you want to document and remember.

One of the most fun ways to capture their incredible growth? Baby milestone cards!

What is a baby milestone card?

Simply put, baby milestone cards are cards parents use to document the important moments in their baby’s life. From their monthly growth to the exciting “firsts” that occur throughout that first year, they’re often included as a prop to create a sweet photo for their baby memory book or even to share on social media. They can be wooden, printed on cardstock, or even cleverly designed as stickers depending on the look you’re going for.

How to use baby milestone cards

As your baby grows, snapping those photos becomes a bit trickier, doesn’t it? (There are so many great photos to take in baby’s first year!) The first few months it’s easy to prop the milestone cards alongside them on a baby blanket or in their crib. Once they’re sitting up and have control of their hands, you may just have to give in to whatever happens. (Spoiler alert: They’re definitely going to try to eat it.)

If you go the paper route, we suggest slipping it into an inexpensive frame that you can swap out every month and placing it just out of reach or on a designated spot on the wall. Some printable monthly milestone cards can be blown up to poster size which looks great in a nursery.

And because you’re responsible for a real live human while also having a busy life of your own, we’ll say this now. You’re going to forget a month. It’s ok. We don’t know a single parent who hasn’t snapped at least one monthly photo at least a week late. It’s kind of a parenting badge of honor.

Photography tips and tricks

First of all, you don’t need professional looking photos by any means. Looking back at our own baby books it’s clear this is a concern our parents did not have. (Which is to assume there are more than five photos of your babyhood still in existence.) But if you want to kick your photo shoots up a notch, here are a few tips that can help!

  • Natural light is best. Set your little one up next to a window or even in a shady area outside.
  • Keep the background as uncluttered as possible. Shooting from above as they lay on a blanket keeps things super simple. Or, opt for a spot that’s easy to keep free of distractions. Not only will the photo look more professional, it also keeps the look consistent month after month.
  • Make sure they’re fed, well rested and in a good mood before you even attempt to take a photo. Repeat until they’re 45 years old.

We’ve rounded up a collection of printable baby milestone cards (including some of our own Motherly versions!) along with reusable monthly milestone cards that fit every style.

Printable baby milestone cards

JennyLeicesterDesign Black and White Milestone Cards

Jenny Leicester Design


For a more contemporary look we love this bold style from Jenny Leicester Design. When you purchase, you’ll get an instant download of the entire 16-piece set which includes an “I am brand new” birth announcement card, weeks 1-3, months 1-11 and a “1 year old” card to celebrate their big day.

The Baby Bop Boutique Neutral Rainbow Milestone Cards

The Baby Bop Boutique


Age is just a number–it’s those first giggles, steps and holidays that you really want to remember. This robust collection of rainbow printables offers 46 unique milestones including monthly age updates, major holidays and unforgettable developmental milestones to help you document the most exciting year ever.

Joyful Babies Design Watercolor Milestone Cards

Joyful Babies Design


Cheery and sweet, we just adore these watercolor printables from Joyful Babies Design. Each of the 12 months feature a sun, rainbow or clouds in muted, gender-neutral tones. And if you let people believe you painted them yourself we certainly wouldn’t tell on you!

MackenzieRossStudios Pizza Milestone Cards

Mackenzie Ross Studios


Trains and bunnies and all that typical baby-theme stuff is great, but pizza? Pizza is something they’ll love forever. Download includes months 1-12.

Mod Print Co. Printable Milestone Cards

Mod Print Co.


With a simple design and muted rainbow colors, these printables look so sweet mounted in a white frame. You can even add matching prints like ABCs, their name or even inspiring phrases to their nursery and complete the look!

Little Bliss Little Art Printable Milestone Cards

Little Bliss Little Art


This 5×5 inch square watercolor design features a floral motif that could easily pass for your own handiwork!

Our Bilingual Family Printable Milestone Cards

Our Bilingual Family


Bilingual families will love these adorable printable milestone cards! Each set comes with 22 designs including days 1-6, weeks 1-3, and months 1-12 along with an announcement card for their birth. Choose from eight different languages and two motifs (rainbows and greenery).

Moments of Luv Woodland Animal Printable Milestone Cards

Moments of Luv


Adorned with a sweet new woodland creature each month, these printable files can be customized to a variety of sizes.

If you’d rather not take on the responsibility of printing them yourself (we get it!), you can always opt for a set of ready-made milestone cards instead. Most styles are made from durable wood or cardstock which means you can easily use them again down the road for a big brother or sister. We’ve rounded up some of the sweetest and stylish monthly milestone cards along with a few collections that help document equally memorable moments along the way.

Monthly milestone cards

Milestone cards

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